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University of Florida IFAS extension publications

Anurans of the Everglades Agricultural Area

Checklist of Birds of the Everglades Agricultural Area

Florida's Wading Birds

A Natural History of the Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)

Snakes of the Everglades Agricultural Area

Distillation of Essential Oils

Journal Articles

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about Elise

My lifelong love of the natural world lead me to a PhD in wildlife biologist in 1989 and to be certified as an aromatherapist and natural perfumer since 2002.

natural perfumer

I earned my certifications in natural perfumery from Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumery and from Miami natural perfumer Anya McCoy. My strong interest in living in harmony with the world around us incorporates two complementary ideals: 1) people should have access to natural products that are readily available and that impart a sense of luxury and richness to daily activities and 2) my business activities should be beneficial to the planet as well. In accordance with this philosophy I continually search for the best natural ingredients available and have verified the reliability of our sources. Through extensive testing with family members and customer feedback I assess the 'indulgence' factor; in other words 'does it make you feel pampered?'.

wildlife biologist

A common thread throughout my University of Nevada, Clemson University, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and University of Florida research and faculity positions has been the goal of communicating proactive conservation by working with land owners to promote sutanable land use practices for people, agriculture and wildlife.



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